The Association of Foragers was established in 2015 to provide support to its members, and serve as a coherent voice to promote and support responsible foraging. Members are all actively engaged in a professional foraging activity. This includes foraging educators running courses, workshops and events, authors, and those involved in picking ingredients and making produce from foraged plants, seaweeds and fungi.

All Members have a common interest in caring for the environment and the natural world and in awakening an interest and love of nature in the public. Members have also signed up to a common Code of Conduct and actively promote sustainable, safe and mindful foraging through their activities, in accordance with the law of the land.

The Association is not an accreditation scheme and does not confer any proficiency status. Members have a wide range of expertise and experience. Please look at each Member’s page for more details about each person.

The Association of Foragers is working with statutory bodies and agencies to ensure that foraging has a vital role in future land use policy, as studies prove that people who engage with Nature through foraging, develop a caring relationship with the natural world, becoming good stewards and advocates for Nature.

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  • The First Association of Foragers Meetup in 2015

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